The art of music has touched the hearts of human beings around the planet for thousands of years. It's a universal language that can express something not graspable through words or thought. It can induce strong emotions, alter our states of consciousness and let us experience reality in a different way. Especially dance music allows us to unify with its flow. When we express the energy it releases within us, without thinking about how, but by just giving ourselves to it and following the spontaneous and intuitive movements of our bodies, we can experience a state of connection, peace and joy. Doing this collectively, synchronously moving to the same rhythm and sharing this special experience, we feel a connection that resonates within.

With DIT KLINGT JUT we want to express our love for deep and melodic electronic dance music and manifest the meaning it can have for all of us. We do this by providing a thoughtfully curated space as a label & collective, by organizing events & live-streams and serving as a platform to share ideas on music, art and the creative process.


Meet the residents



maltech is a Berlin-based DJ, dancer and meditation teacher. Music has always played a major role in his life and since the age of 17, maltech’s taste has shifted more and more towards electronic productions. After moving to Berlin in 2013 and getting involved in the local scene, his love for House & Techno and the collective dance experience has only grown. With every set he aims to create a unique, emotional journey for the listener while becoming one with the crowd himself. His special interest lies in the development of body-awareness, connection & self-nourishment through music and dance.




OELEX is a passionate raver and DJ from Berlin who feels most comfortable somewhere between Downtempo and House. Due to his diverse musical tastes, he can be found at a wide variety of parties all over Berlin. Whether as a promoter, DJ or raver for OELEX the Berlin scene has long been a big part of his life.



Born and raised in Regensburg. Bäggy acquired the taste for the techno scene through the legendary Schimmerlos, a real Bunker, where he learned to live and love dancing. Eventually, and also for his studies, he gravitated towards Berlin. Barely having arrived, he was lucky enough to meet just the right crew to get connected within the scene and started helping out organizing and celebrating parties.


Little Nats

Little Nats was born but not completely raised in Berlin which gave her the opportunity to experience a childhood far away from the capital city trouble. Growing up she always had her heart and mind set on music. She started with singing, led a choir, learned different instruments, took music theory classes and two years of classical singing lessons. Eventually she discovered the techno scene and loved it so much that it didn’t take long for her to start djing herself. Through that new passion she found a unique way to express her creative musical mind and she loves to create sets that follow a very specific vibe. Techno is her jam but she’s constantly exploring other genres and directions.

What we believe

Born from the scene

We are ravers at heart. Techno and the scene in Berlin have shaped us into the music lovers, dancers, DJs & organizers we are. Our unbound passion for electronic dance music, the collective dance experience and the original values of the techno scene  are at the core of everything we do.

Empowering young talent

The scene is full of up and coming young artists who deserve to have their sound heard. That’s why we place special emphasis on supporting talented newcomers through our podcast series, label releases, premieres and bookings at our events.

Music for a better world

None of us makes a living from DKJ and we do our best to utilize our passion project to support charitable causes. During the corona pandemic, we could raise more than 5000€ of donations for charity through live-streams and realized a multidisciplary production aboves the roofs of Berlin in cooperation with WWF Germany.

Diversity & Sensitivity

Spaces to celebrate music can only be safe spaces for everyone when everyone is explicitly included. Especially since we’re a collective of white cis people, it’s important to us to continuously educate ourselves, listen closely to the voices of minorities and try to do our part in reducing discrimination within the scene.

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Feel free to reach out via booking@ditklingtjut.de

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