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"This mix contains the whole range of sound that I currently enjoy most. It slowly evolves from gloomy/mystical to dark disco and leads to melodic techno at the end. It contains one unreleased original from me and two collaborations with my friend Aender which will be released soon on Jaw Dropping Records."


What fascinates you about your art form?

"Being free to do what I want and express myself in different ways, because the possibilities of creating electronic music are endless."

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

"Before COVID I got a lot of inspiration from the nights in the club. But I can get inspiration from anything: Nature, People, Art. Currently it is the memory of the smell of a club, the feeling of being on stage and the response from the crowd."

What do you want to express with your music?

"My sound is usually driven by all kinds of emotions. I like to combine dark and bright melodic elements, because that is what life is. Producing in only one direction or playing 4 hours of peak time techno is not my thing."

What do you love most about being an artist?

"Meeting people you would never meet and seeing places you would never see."

Most profound insight you had since you started this career?

"Don't stress yourself too much and enjoy the moment."

How do you, as a musician, cope with the limitations of the scene by the COVID pandemic?

"I started to play the piano and the guitar again, which is a lot of fun. Of course it is hard without gigs but I am pretty sure that we will start to rave soon. Without an income from music I had to go full time in my normal day job. It will be interesting to see if I can handle both if everything is getting to "normal" again."


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