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Just in time for the release of his banger 'Overload' on our label, Stephan Zovsky joins our Introduction series with a powerhouse of a mix and lovely and inspiring interview.


Hey Stephan, a warm welcome to our Introduction series. We're very excited for the release of your track 'Overload' - a true dancefloor romancer! Can you tell us a little about the idea behind it?

"Actually, there was no real idea, there never is when I go into the studio. I just had a feeling that I wanted to transport. It should be something deep with a little melody. That was it until I found this nasty synthesizer, from then on the track developed magically by itself."

How do you get into a creative flow?

"Actually, I love the structured work in the studio very much, first the idea then the arrangement and at the end the mix. But sometimes that's also my biggest problem. On a less good day I can also arrange two kicks and a bass to a 10 minute piece that is of course very boring and sounds exactly like that.
Then I usually turn on Spotify and listen to music from acts I really like and just try to get inspired, and if that doesn't work I try to learn a new plug in or synth. Most of the time something happens that picks me up and motivates me."

What fascinates you about your art from?

"Most fascinating are the many possibilities and the process of constant change. When I left the psytrance scene over 15 years ago, I really thought I would never use a double bass in my music again. Well, that was probably a mistake."

What is sacred to you?

"Oh there are really many things, my two best and oldest friends Sandro and Ronny for example. Unfortunately I spend far too little time with them, which is somehow also related to my love of studio work. But I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't had these two people.
Also my family and girlfriend are for me the fundament of a happy and balanced life."

Most profound insight you had since you started this career?

"Be nice and kind to the people on your way up, if you can be supportive and provide your help or advise when needed. There will always be the moment when you meet again."


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