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"Every kind of new music that I like and I receive from promos is in my podcasts. What I want is to entertain people during a time and try to bring them through a little trip where they can forget everything and just enjoy. You know, sometimes is difficult to show it in just one hour but I do my best, hope people appreciate it!"


What do you do to get into a creative state?

"Well it depends, everyday is different and every track starts in a different way. In the past, I used to work for many hours per day in the studio and that was great for learning in the beginning. But during the years, I realised that for my creation “less is more”. I prefer to clear my mind, do many things and when I feel the inspiration I try to get the moment to write music."

What do you love most about being an artist?

"Definitely I love travelling and meeting people from around the world."

How do you stay focused in a world of constant distraction?

"Sometimes it is difficult to stay focussed and everyone has “moments” but I think you don’t have to forget what you are fighting for. In my case when it happens I just stop, breathe and simply do other things. The inspiration will come in the right moment, you don’t have to force it."

Do you have a morning routine?

"I used to have a very strict routine working all day in the studio like a robot hahaha. At that time it worked very well and I learned a lot, but right now I’m feeling different and I try to do music when I feel it without being 24h per day in the studio. Of course when I’m on a project I work for many hours and I get lost in the track. I try to feel the right moment and not work on it like it's math."

What, for you, is the purpose of art?

"Don’t have borders and get excited. Anything can be art, it just has to be done with the heart."

What do you want to express with your music?

"Honestly I don't know how to answer you. I don’t do music with the intention of leaving something very specific. Simply I express how I feel and my emotions. But what I really like is to talk with people about my music, especially with those who don’t follow electronic music and know their sensation. I think knowing what people feel helps you grow as an artist."

What fascinates you about your art form?

"What I love the most right now about my art is that I don’t care about what other artists do or which label is better to release on. I just love the freedom of creating and I believe everyone should do the same thing."

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

"As I told you before, I do many things in my life like Yoga & meditation, climbing in the mountains, skydiving, studying music, reading, staying with friends, traveling, etc. All this stuff that I love helps me have many sensation and different emotions that I try to shape into my music."

What is your opinion on success?

"This phrase may seem typical, and in the historic moment that we’re living many people don’t have the opportunity to work in what they love. Personally I fought a lot to have my little space in the music industry and I feel very lucky, so I really believe that the success is “do what you love most in your life”. Of course you need to “eat” and for that you’ve to earn money. But music is a live style and if you really want that you’ve to try with all your powers, believe in yourself, fight for your dreams. You have to do what you love because we have just one life."

What is your opinion on failure?

"To fail is good. Failure helps you to move on and after the failure and pain, you can rise stronger from the ashes like a phoenix. I failed many times in my life and I'm sure I'll continue to fail!! When it happens of course the pain is big and the moment is hard but if you work hard and fight when you’ll pass that moment you would be a better and stronger person. Everything is experience!!!"

What would your 16 year old self think about what you’re doing today?

"Since I was a child I used to do artistic things. Playing music, studying theater, dancing and many more things... so if I have to be honest and without being egoist and narcissist: I’m proud of what I did until now."

What makes you laugh?

"My dog Mr.Wilson everyday :)"

In which ways could the scene improve in the future?

"I think in the future the scene needs to give more space to many talented artists that we have. There are great artists right now and especially in this period of the pandemic they are doing incredible music. Hope soon who really work hard for this job will have his own space in the scene. Unfortunately there are also many people without talent in all fields that are just good with social media that take over others. Of course the scene is full of very talented people, but also there are many others that need more space and hope their true talent will be recognized soon."

Who will considerably give direction to the scene soon?

"I don’t know, as I told you there are many incredible artists right now and I’m sure everything will be better in the future. It will be beautiful to discover new artists and new music on the road."

Favorite release at the moment & of all times?

"One favorite release ... mmmh ... it is difficult to choose one. I like many tracks and what I like is constantly changing. But if I have to say one of my favorite, for sure: BAILE - Amae (Sasha fabric 1999 Mix)."

What can we expect from you in the near future?

"Just a few weeks ago I released my last EP ‘Stay Together’ feat. the amazing singer Eleonora and with an awesome remix of Fat Sushi for 8kays’ label 8Music. For the future I’ve many projects that I can’t tell you right now but I can say that cool things are coming so, stay tuned! :)"

Which emotions do you connect with your music?

"It is difficult to explain all emotions but for example when I do music, all the process comes naturally without thinking too much about what I’m doing. I can’t say you one specific emotion, I just feel something like freedom into my skin and my head. For that I don’t like to prepare  before my live sets or have a scheme in my studio. I just like the feeling of the moment!"

Most profound insight you had since you started this career?

"Go on your own way."


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