Introduction 156

"This set is something very special which I haven’t done before. I wanted to record something truly unique and I told myself that the best way to achieve that is by playing mostly my own original songs and a few of my favorite one’s from other fellow producers. So join me on a journey that is truly coming from the bottom of my heart as you’ll hear mostly my own productions and also some unreleased pieces."


Hey Colin, a pleasure to feature you in our Introduction series! Despite having just a few releases under your belt, the quality of your productions definitely stands out. How did you get into producing and how long did it take you to feel comfortable getting your music out there?

"Thanks a lot for having me, it’s a pleasure! It all started with me buying Cubase when I was around 16 years old because I wanted to record myself playing the guitar. However, I was instantly intrigued by the software’s synthesizers and when I pressed the first keys on my keyboard and heard these mesmerizing electronic sounds, I was hooked. I ended up not recording myself playing the guitar but making my first electronic songs instead. I first uploaded on Soundcloud and then later on Spotify. 2022 changed a lot for me as I found great mentors from which I learned in-depth technical production skills that definitely leveled up my sound significantly. I had just moved to Rio for a semester abroad and spent a lot of time refining my skills. Good technical feedback paired with a lot of time in the studio really makes a significant difference. And then, when you score your first wins such as being featured in the Beatport charts or having your tracks played by bigger DJs, you automatically build confidence and you get comfortable releasing more and more."

What is your opinion on failure?

"I love this question. Failure is the single most important teacher in our lives. For me, failure builds character. What separates people who live their dreams from people who don’t is how they deal with failure. It sounds trivial but it’s actually quite the contrary: Never give up, ever. If you have this mindset I believe you can achieve anything."

What inspires you?

"I draw my inspiration from quite diverse sources. I like reading and philosophy and if you look closely you find some hints in some of my song names that allude to that. I also strongly believe that every new song kind of reflects an emotional state in which I am currently. It reflects an episode of my life, it reflects what I have struggled with, what I have learned and what I have overcome. However, another major source of inspiration for me that emerged during the last year is playing live. There is no better feeling than standing behind the decks and trying out new productions. This feeds back when I’m in the studio and I draw a lot of inspiration from a great show."

Favorite release at the moment & of all times?

"That’s always difficult to say but if I had to mention one all time favorite, it would be Innellea’s “I Don’t Wanna Leave” Remix. It’s such a timeless piece and I resonate a lot with the rhythms and motives that he used. Also, of course, the vocal is next level. But it’s a close call between this and Mark Hoffen’s ‘Titan’."

My favorite new release at the moment is Stephan Zovsky’s “Friends in Love” Remix - it’s a super versatile piece and the vocal hooked me instantly."

What can we expect from you in the near future?

"Well, I have some awesome new releases lined up and some upcoming gigs in incredible clubs. I feel super blessed and motivated to further level up my abilities as a producer and DJ and I’m enjoying the ride very much."


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