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"The set was recorded after a great week following the incredibly busy Christmas and New Years period. I aimed to keep a peaceful tone throughout as a reminder that life doesn’t need to go fast all the time. I wanted to be able to capture the moment of bliss and happiness through songs that I have really been enjoying over the past few months. I hope to listen back to this set all the time during moments of relaxation and for calm periods of life, in turn, I hope that it does that same for many others."


What fascinates you most about your art form?

"Music is one of many artforms that help with connecting and creating memories for many people. What interests and fascinates me the most about its world is how the creative process can be heavily linked between mediums. The idea that creativity can share a process and be taken into various realms of art opens countless doors of opportunity for artists."

What is your opinion on success?

"Success is a perception that is viewed incredibly differently by almost everyone. For me, it is finding spaces and pathways that allow for me to be pushed outside of my comfort zone to experience new things. The idea that I always want to be learning and expanding myself is what makes for success."

What is your opinion on failure?

"Almost directly linked with success, failure is the space where the majority of learning is found. Although at times, hard to deal with, failure is a motion that is essential to the process of life and helps immensely with growing not just as a person, but as an artist."

Who will considerably give direction to the scene soon?

"The Australian scene is growing at an incredibly fast rate (particularly with the amount of time that people had whilst in lockdown). Some artists that have really come to life and are making an impact within the melodic house and techno scene are Made In Paris, Luke Alessi, Juno Mamba, Doppel. Being able to work with some of these artists is an absolute pleasure and it always amazes me to what they are achieving and making. Of course there are also the megastar exports from Australia that are dominating overseas and its amazing to see – Rufus Du Sol, Flume, Willaris K just to name a few."

Favourite release at the moment and of all time?

"My favourite release at the moment:
Healing – Moojo & Arodes [MoBlack Records]
Favourite release of all time:
Icon – Betical [Atlant] or Breathing – Ben Bohmer [Album]"

What is the most profound insight you had since the start of your career?

"Across my relatively short career, there has been countless lightbulb moments that have driven and directed my decision making. However, I was once told 'you need to be the first person to believe in yourself. You can’t rely on others to push you to achieve your goals. Make your own decisions and push yourself so that others also believe in you'. This has stuck with me and is a constant reminder in my brain that no matter how many label knock backs or days wasted in the studio, I still believe in my process and believe in myself to succeed."


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