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Certain sounds tend to evoke certain emotions within us. From our countless conversations with our favorite melodic producers we know that emotions are the center of their work, may it be by expressing their emotions in their music or facilitating emotional journeys through their DJ-sets. CHROMA is an artistic experiment to further explore the link between music and emotions.


We asked 10 of our favorite producers to create a track based on a certain emotion. After releasing all 5 CHROMA EPs throughout the summer and now we're closing the series with a compilation featuring all 10 CHROMA tracks. Do you feel what we feel?

It was pretty much exactly a year ago when the idea for CHROMA first came to us - so we thought now would be a good time to reflect and share some of our thoughts around the idea and the process. For that, Bäggy and maltech, who realized CHROMA together did a little interview with each other.


Bäggy: What were your favorite parts about the CHROMA series?

maltech: “That’s a tough one because there weren’t many parts of the project that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. If I had to pick one thing though, it’s how well the artists we worked with picked up on the idea of translating emotions into music. Everyone has their own personal connotation and history connected to the emotions we worked with and it was just amazing to see how they not just adapted the idea, but made it their own and created very touching and honest pieces of art as a result.”

maltech: What is your most important lesson learned from co-organizing a release series that’s following an unconventional concept?

Bäggy: “Having a functioning system of data transfer where everyone can find everything without asking and probably even more important and good communication and a good split of the workload. For the creative part it was a lot of fun, developing the initial idea, from January on, choosing the emotions, to finding suitable artists for those. Then developing the artwork with Meli. And then in the end of course getting the first tracks, uploading it, publishing it and then doing the promo and receiving feedback. All in all, it was a passion project and for the work effort we put in, definitely a lot of fun!”

Bäggy: What are your future goals for DIT KLINGT JUT?

maltech: “A central part of DKJ for me has always been to maintain a very open space & mind when it comes to deciding on future projects. Without that, we probably wouldn’t have hosted so many successful live-streams in the first Corona-months and also the CHROMA idea wouldn’t have become a reality. DKJ to me is a creative playground where we can experiment with new ideas and ways of doing things. That being said, of course there are a few things I can see for the near future like the continuation of our label project and more regular events in Berlin and beyond. As long as we keep up our spirit of creative pioneering, I’m sure we’ll keep evolving as a project and a team while having lots of fun on the way!”

maltech: If you could release a 6th CHROMA EP with an emotion and two artists of your choice, what would you choose and why?

Bäggy: “That’s definitely a hard question. But my personal direction would be something like euphoria or ecstasy, as I'm a quite impulsive person and get pretty easily into this kind of feeling when I'm happy, which I guess can be pretty positive. So working on that emotion would be really exciting. For the artists I would choose Jil Tanner as the work with her was really amazing. And the second one is probably Daniel Jaeger, cause I just love his music so much lately and I want to see what would come out of his mind for this idea.”


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