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"I would love to present my set - an excellent selection of tracks with groovy bass. I miss festivals, so that's why I want to share that "losing your mind" atmosphere. So you get different variations of techno, house and progressive. Go listen and dance."


How do you get into a creative flow?

"The most important thing is stop thinking. I use meditations and sports activities."

What inspires you?

"My dreams about what I can create for the world and share with people."

What do you love most about being an artist?

"Feeling that we are together as one in a club and making people happier."

Do you have a morning routine?

"Yes, I do. Meditations, some morning exercises, checking messages & planning my schedule for the day."

What, for you, is the purpose of art?

"The creation of brand-new things in the world which evoke emotions."

What do you want to express with your music?

"Whatever I feel. Different emotions or moods. But the most important thing is that it should be honest and I want to share it with people."

What is your opinion on success?

"Being happy. Nobody can define your success for you. For one person it is running his business and making a lot of money, for someone else it can be living in the mountains and meditating all day long. Nobody can define your success besides you. Success other ways doesn’t make sense."

What would your 16 year old you think about what you’re doing today?

"Being the head of a big company. Thanks God I didn’t get there."

Most profound insight you had since you started this career?

"I am alive and I can change the world!"

How do you, as a musician, cope with the limitations of the scene by the COVID pandemic?

"Difficult times give us limitations and opportunities. I prefer to see the latter ones. Online activity, making my own parties and working on Youtube channel brings me a lot of listeners and fun."


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