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Just in time for his release "Armageddon" with Iberian Muse on our imprint, Wurtz joins our Introduction series with a powerful mix featuring the current best of his sound and a great interview providing insights into how he and his favorite production partner met, how he views success and failure and what to expect of him in the near future.


Hey Alessandro, glad to have you on! For your upcoming release with us - 'Armageddon' - you've teamed up yet again with Iberian Muse. You two seem to have great synergy since you've worked together on many highly regarded and much loved releases before. How did your collaboration start?

We met through a friend we had in common at the end of 2018 and thanks to him we started talking and discussing our idea of music. Already from the start there was a great feeling and from there we decided to try to start a collaboration regarding the production of some tracks. We have seen that a modern and fresh sound always came out, very valid and appreciated.

So we decided to continue working together and until this day, we are collaborating and producing together. We have found an excellent connection even if many times we are not in the studio together. We are happy with the results and a lot of new music will be out very soon. Can’t wait!"

Favorite release at the moment & of all times?

 "At the moment I really like 3 records and they can’t miss in my DJ-sets:

1. Cassian x ICEHOUSE - Great Southern Land 
2. Toto Chiavetta - Homme Libre
3. Maxim Lany - Gravity (Adam Sellouk Remix)

One of the records that marked my childhood was Plastikman - Spastik.
It was one of the first records I listened to and also thanks to it, the passion for electronic music was born in me."

What can we expect from you in the near future?

"I have a very full release schedule for new music, also new collaborations with two artists I've never worked with before. At the moment I cannot tell you everything but in the coming months you will see how hard I have worked, I am very satisfied and happy with the final product. Another great news is that I will start to work with a new management and a new team, which you will know soon! 
I will go to play in countries and cities where I have never played and that makes me very happy. I am currently focused on the European tour, with upcoming performances in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, etc. I have just returned to Europe after a great tour of Mexico and Costa Rica where I have played in incredible places and some of my favorite places in the world, like Bar Americas in Guadalajara or Zamna Festival in Tulum and Costa Rica. I also did a month-long residency in Qatar (Doha) with Zamna during the world cup."

What fascinates you about your art from?

"My source of inspiration comes from everything that can give me positive and negative emotions. And I try to transform these sensations into my idea of music. Could be a beautiful day with an amazing sunrise or a grey day with rain, could be a movie or a person, it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that I receive something."

What is your opinion on success?

"When you finally feel accomplished in everything you've fought for years to achieve."

What is your opinion on failure?

"Failure is seen as a negative aspect but at the same time it is a moment that can allow you to reach other goals, always with hard and constant work and thinking positive. If you act in this mode, you can get whatever you want. The limits are only in our minds."


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