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Clear the stage for the duo Third Person from the south-german hobbit-land Allgäu. With their Burning Man inspired festival Iltis Burn and their orchestral & powerful productions and sets, the two have already made a name for themselves and are continuing to evolve their vision. We're super happy we got to chat with them and we hope you enjoy both the mix and interview =)



Hey Andreas & Elias! Nice that you take the time! How are you doing?

"Hey „DIT KLINGT JUT“-Team & thanks for the opportunity. We are doing fine. Hope you are doing fine as well!"

2020 is not the easiest year for musicians, organisers or the entire event industry.
How has this time been for you?

"That's right, 2020 is a crazy year with ups and downs for all of us. We are still happy, our
families and friends are doing well and that is most important for us! Of course there would
have been some great gigs this year. Among other things we would have played in Cologne at
the Odonien, had planned some great gigs in Munich and what saddens us most is that we
would have had our own festival this year. Unfortunately everything was cancelled! Different
situations require different approaches, so we sat down together and discussed how to make
the best out of the current situation. In order not to fall into a hole, we went back to our studio, to finish some projects. We are currently working on various collaborations and are already planning for the next year. After all, there is always something to do!"

What do you do to get into a creative state?

"The first thing we have to say is that creativity cannot be forced. Often creativity comes from being surrounded by the right people, going to beautiful places or experimenting in our studio with different effects or gear. We are also listening to different genres, because it's important for us to have different influences and not always listen to the same music. Regarding our working process in the studio, we can say that we often start with the drums, as soon as a rough structure is set up, we begin to introduce other instruments and look what is still missing. No matter how, as soon as the fire is lit and the ideas are coming out of us, we implement them as soon as possible. We also send each other voicemails, in which we humm basslines or whistle melodies, just so we don't forget them. In the end, music is the escape from our everyday life inspired by everyday life."

What is your opinion on success? What is your opinion on failure?

"Success has different definitions and everyone defines success differently. It can be success in sports, good grades, a happy relationship or something like that. With regard to us, success in the long term means doing what we enjoy and that is music. Of course it’s also very important for us that our families are doing well. In the end everyone has to decide for themselves what success means to them.
Failure is another thing! When you fail, the art is in the process of dealing with it or learning from it. Often failures bring us further, because you have to make the mistakes once in order to not make them again later."

What is sacred to you?

"These are several things! What is very sacred to us is our time! To spend time with doing what we enjoy, like evenings with good conversations while having a glass of good wine or when we can exhaust our creativity in the studio."

What do you love most about being artists?

"It's great to see that our music is touching the souls of people. For example a few months ago we got a message from a woman, who said that she hadn't found good music for a long time. When she came across our music, she was so excited that she had to write to us and tell us how much she enjoyed listening. Things like this motivate us immensely! Getting feedback is super important for us, because it helps us a lot to grow as artists. Another great thing about being an artist is the chance to get in touch with so many people who share the same mindset! Some of our closest friendships have been developed through it."

How do you stay focussed in a world of constant distraction?

"It's very simple! Put away your phone and you will become more focused and less dazzled by anyone else! A big advantage of our project is that there are two of us. Each one of us has his own tasks and therefore the other one can focus on different things."

What can we expect from you in the future?

"At the moment a lot of things are happening in the background! We are very excited about our next release that is coming up on the Berlin based Label Mukke, the little sister of Katermukke. It will be an EP, packed with three originals. We can also tell you that there will be a Single Release together with Intara, including a Remix of Alex Stein on Verflixt Music in Spring 2021, which we are also very excited for. Among other things we are working on lots of new music and as soon as our open projects and collaborations are finished, we will start building a live performance!"


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