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"In this set I combined a lot of my favorite recent tracks as well as some older ones that I like to play if they fit in a set. Overall this is one of the darker sounding sets of mine but with the intention to make you feel the energy of each track and transfer your mind to the dance floor."


How do you get into a creative state?

"I think that I most likely get into a creative state when I’m not in the studio while being on the move. To capture these ideas I really love to make voice memos, sing melody fragments in my phone or write down lyrics that come to my mind. Later I transfer these ideas to my work in the studio."

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

"In the past I drew my inspiration from night outs with friends and hearing electronic music. Nowadays my inspiration is drawn from the current political situation, environmental changes and my overall struggle with a lot of injustices that happen in this world and really concern me."

What do you love most about being an artist?

"The freedom to express your feelings and the things you have on your mind through music."

How do you stay focussed in a world of constant distraction?

"Difficult question. I feel like it is currently getting harder and harder to not get distracted and focus on certain things. I must admit that I am not very good at not getting easily distracted but in the studio I always try to put away my phone, avoid all social networks and close everything on my Mac that is currently not needed while producing music."

Do you have a morning routine?

"Yes I do. A generous breakfast and a big pot of coffee are my keys to success to start on a good and productive day."

What do you want to express with your music?

"In the past, my music didn't necessarily have the intention to express an overall opinion or feeling, but rather was a snapshot of certain ideas that I developed in the studio. In the future I want to concentrate more on a certain message I would like to pass on to the listener. Through lyrics and the music itself."

What would your 16 year old self think about what you’re doing today?

"What happened to the guy listening to Metal Core :D"

Who will considerably give direction to the scene soon?

"I think the artists that come with a new mindset and try to create something that hasn’t been there before have most likely the chance to give a new direction to the scene. I think it is more important to focus on one's own sound than following trends that exist for a short period of time and become obsolete after more and more producers copy it."

Favorite release at the moment?

"Currently I’m a very big fan of the release „The Affair“ by Joone and Victor C. Really love the vibe and the vocals of this track. Always puts me in a good mood."

What can we expect from you in the near future?

"I’m currently working on an EP that draws its inspiration from the current changes that will affect our future like the climate crisis. It will be a mix of different genres, instruments and a lot more experimental than my past releases."


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