Introduction 126

"In this set I tried to create a constant gain through melodic techno. A mix that goes from beautiful melodies to some dirty and hypnotic vibes. I’ve been searching for tracks that have a good contrast between hard hooks and elegant layers on top."


What do you do to get into a creative state?

"Usually, I start to get creative after some time producing in the studio. I believe it’s about practice and exercise. The more you do, the more you get better at it. I commonly try new tools when I’m stuck or maybe try to do something I’ve never done before. Changing paths to find new results and see where this new path is guiding me."

What do you love most about being an artist?

"I think artists are the most mutable people and I love that. We have this need to keep feeding our body with new songs, new movies, new theater plays, new books and perspectives. And some time after that you can look back and see how much you’ve changed because of that. I know people that haven’t changed anything about themselves in 20 years. And I mean, that scares me a lot to be honest."

How do you stay focused in a world of constant distraction?

"I don’t. Just kidding. I think I just try to use my time the best way I can. It’s easier If you know what you have to do. So, I try to list all tasks and organize it in a way I always know what I need to do and what's next. I’ve been using an app called “Evernote” for that. It’s very helpful."

What is sacred to you?

"My time, music, my family, my friends and parties. Yeah, parties are sacred for sure."

Do you have a morning routine?

"Coffee, some fruits and studio."

What is your opinion on success? What is your opinion on failure?

"Well. failure is the path and success comes right after that. It’s like the path, but a concluded path. So, if you think well, success is the end. But it can also be a new beginning. And in this case, you will find many failures along the way again."


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