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Certain sounds tend to evoke certain emotions within us. From our countless conversations with our favorite melodic producers we know that emotions are the center of their work, may it be by expressing their emotions in their music or facilitating emotional journeys through their DJ-sets. CHROMA is an artistic experiment to further explore the link between music and emotions.


We asked 10 of our favorite producers to create a track based on a certain emotion. Each EP of the five CHROMA EPs is dedicated to one emotion and contains two tracks by two different artists.
Do you feel what we feel?

We all carry anger within us, often kept locked away for years or even decades. When that intense, accumulated anger rises to the surface, we call it Fury. Fury is the pinnacle of anger. It’s raw, intense and unbound - impossible to contain.

The south-German duo Third Person tapped into the raw energy of Fury with their powerhouse production ‘2022’. It’s peak-time Melodic Techno, relentlessly driving, loud and unbound. Several layers of dark synths combine to create an immersive listening experience and a deep, melodic journey right into the heart of Fury.

The Leipzig-based rising star Jil Tanner interpreted Fury in her very own way, processing her personal experiences with malicious people in her life. ‘Toxic People’ draws a beautiful contrast between hopeful melodies, a powerful kick & groove and her self-written & recorded vocal, conveying a clear message: “Toxic people only change their victims, never themselves.”


What is your personal association with the emotion of fury that found its way into your track?

Third Person: "We wanted to integrate not only the feeling of fury alone, rather the entire process of fury. Fury can be divided into phases, just like the arrangement of our track.

Jil Tanner: "For me, the mood fury is a mix of energy and anger. I interpreted it in the energetic direction of toxic people, how stressful and toxic it can be and how liberating it feels when you can break away from them."

How did the approach of translating an emotion into a track influence your production process?

Third Person: "Music is a magical tool to express emotions. Above all, music is a universal language that everyone can understand without speaking a specific language. Fury influenced our production process, because we intensively studied the emotion of fury and we thought about how to transfer this powerful emotion into our track. 


Jil Tanner: "I directly connected the topic of toxic people with this mood. So the melody, the lyrics & vocals and the other elements in this track came together quite naturally. It felt right."

Would you participate in a similar artistic experiment again?

Third Person: "Yes, we can imagine working on a similar project again.

Jil Tanner: "Yes, of course! "


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