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"I want to spread a positive vibe with my sets and enchant the crowd with my unique sound. I feel, love and live music and hope that this energy flows also over to the audience. I want to surprise the crowd with a slightly different, fresh and new set that they have never heard before."


"I don't want to have the sound that everyone else plays, but rather surprise the audience with tracks that are of- ten very unknown. You should fall into a very special groove and let yourself be guided through my very own style. My sets are always a little journey that slowly builds up after an epic intro, over tech- house sounds and ends up in Ibiza techno - that's my "minimal tech house""

How do you, as a musician, cope with the limitations of the scene by the COVID pandemic?

"In fact, I managed to deal with the pandemic above average, to cope and to continue to be present as a musician. In the first lockdown in spring 2020, I recognized the possibility of significantly expanding my community and range through live streams and also to get in touch again with people for whom I was previously a no-name. With three live streams for the culture platform 'BonnLive' I managed to achieve a certain local awareness in an unnaturally short time. Through this, a few other bookers and organizers became aware of me, which enabled me to perform again under corona-compliant conditions. I am also in the fortunate position that I only do the job out of passion and not also financially dependent on it like some full-time colleagues, because I’m still a student. But all my thoughts are with them and I really hope that things can finally get well again for exactly these people - clubs, organizers and artists."

What would your 16 years old you think about what you’re doing today?

"Haha that's a good question because I am actually 16 years old! I am now trying to write from my current perspective and to give a little summary: I personally believe that my experiences so far are absolutely unbelievable. They are awesome and I'm more than grateful for that. I have so many people who always support me and I would now like to express a huge thanks to all of them. I had the opportunity to get to know so many great people on my way who pushed me enormously and helped me a lot. When I look back on my „career“ now, I can only be more than satisfied with how things went so far. And there are already many more projects pending for the future. All in all, it couldn't go any better!"

What do you love about being an artist?

"I am actually an artist through and through. I am a musician, draftsman and actor and am therefore involved in the scene and industry. I was always drawn to art and I already fell for it as a toddler. I built up my mainstays in artistic expressions because I plan to bring the art and cultural scene close to the people as an event manager in my future and to make them happy. When I think about what fundamentally fascinates me to be an artist I come to the following point: I love to inspire people in many ways. It always triggers an enormous feeling of glee in me when people enjoy my creations. They somehow make people happy and this fascinates me every single time. That is a great motivation for me to keep going."


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