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"In this set I want to share new music I made in the last few months and also some tracks from other producers I currently like. Dancefloor oriented. No journey. Just quality Progressive House from me."


Hey Pasha, thank you for agreeing to answer some questions for us! When we first found your music, we we're immediately impressed by your unique sound that we'd describe as fresh & cheeky, yet deep. How did you develop that signature sound in your productions?

"My sound was established after numerous works. In some cases I was copying someone's style which has inspired me, in other cases I was just thinking what suits the island Koh Phangan where I live. I made hundreds of attempts to make some kind of genre (tech-house or techno) but in the end it always sounds far from its generic nature, it always has my style in it. So I stopped trying to do common genre variations and now focus on my own sound."

How do you get into a creative flow?

"To get in flow, all I need is just to start writing music. If i had a long break, it can take a long time to produce good quality tracks. So usually the first couple songs are not so good.
But if i keep doing it - with every track it becomes better and better. And then the most important - not stopping. Sometimes in one week I can do 2-3 tracks when I am on a hot streak. But then I am still having my life which needs to be sorted also :)"

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

"My inspiration is the island Koh Phangan. The ´local music scene. Nature. People. Life. I fell in love with this island and by this day I'm still here. Every track I'm producing now is doing and keeping in mind this island flavor. Not sure how my music sounds in a city environment - so if you are in Thailand - come to my island - check how it is originally."

What is your opinion on success?

"Regularity and Stability. And Hard work ofc."

Favorite release at the moment & of all times?

"It's a lot of different releases. But I'm mostly thinking about a wide sound, rather than an exact album. If we speak about Electronic Dance music - I really love old-school minimal techno sounds from 2008 to 2010. I guess it influenced me a lot. I still think that's a really nice approach where techno music has energy and does not go dark."

What can we expect from you in the near future?

"More Music. More Collaborations. More Remixes. No Tik Tok."


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