Introduction 134

"In this set I tried to give a preview of my landscape sound with my productions and some tracks that I like listening at the moment. Enjoy!"


How do you get into a creative flow?

"I try to record somes ideas that come to me. I sing it, a bass line or a melody and I record it on my phone. When I have time, I go to the studio and try to use this content."

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

"In daily life, and in this moment when I try to put my baby to sleep, haha."

What do you love most about being an artist?

"I like the fact to share a feeling, a message across my music."

How do you stay focussed in a world of constant distraction?

"As I said before, I record my ideas to be performant as soon as I can go to my studio. When I'm in, I try to keep all the distraction out of my view."

Do you have a morning routine?

"Not really, I just start my morning by a coffee and a cigarette and I listen to different kinds of music if I have the time."

What fascinates you about your art from?

"Clearly, the production and the infinite possibility of an analog or virtual instrument."

What, for you, is the purpose of art?

"Send a message and make people think about the purpose of art."

What do you want to express with your music?

"Often a feeling about my condition at the time."

What is sacred to you?

"My family, my friends, my son and to have good times."

What is your opinion on success?

"The most important thing for me is not the success, I'm already very happy to share my music, see that some people across the world listen it and to have the chance to travel. I like to be respectful of all these things."

What is your opinion on failure?

"I think it's very difficult to manage. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and we have to convince ourselves that we will do better next time."

What would your 16 year old you think about what you’re doing today?

"I think that he would find that very cool."

What makes you laugh?

"I laugh at a lot of things, I have a lot of self-deprecating humor."

Favorite release at the moment & of all times?

"Actually, I listen lot of music about my first contact with electro music, with artists like Vitalic."

What can we expect from you in the near future?

"I've got some tracks in progress, and I try to think about a live configuration."


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