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"In this Introduction to my sound I would like to send a message of hope to everyone who is struggling to achieve their dreams. The journey starts with 'Last Hope', a track that I made during a dark period of my life and represents a new beginning. This one will be released next month on my new melodic techno label: 'Voragyne'. This mix aims to evoke various emotions through music, which ranges from stomping party tracks to nostalgic and introspective tunes. People can also expect some unreleased material in this :-)"


Hey Hugo, great to have you! To start off our interview, we'd love to hear a little about your journey as a Chilean artist establishing himself in Berlin. What kind of challenges are you facing and in how far is the scene different here?

"Hi folks, thank you for having me! To be honest, it was a radical decision to leave everything behind in my home country after building a career there for 10 years. I used to play frequently in major clubs and venues, but I decided to start fresh in a new country and continent. Berlin has a very unique music scene, and the way artists approach their audience and promoters is completely different here. However, I'm always seeking for new challenges and my main goals for this year were to perform a few gigs in Germany and to release on a Berlin label.  I'm happy to say that I've already achieved those and I'm excited to see what the future brings to me."

What inspires you?

"What inspires me the most is the idea of bringin my music to new places around the world and connecting to people throught music."

What, for you, is the purpose of music?

"Music is indisputably a part of the human experience. I believe its purpose is to function as a "universal language", connecting us with our surroundings, with nature, and with others.  
Moreover, creating music for me represents a way of escape from a conventional lifestyle. It takes me away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and transports me to a parallel world where only music and I exist."

What can we expect from you in the near future?

"In the near future, I will be releasing several tracks of my own as well as collaborations with other artists that I admire. Next month, I am premiering my own label, 'Voragyne,' where I will mainly promote my music but also other talented artists from Chile, Argentina, and Germany.
The first release on Voragyne will be 'Last Hope,' a track that I started crafting during a very sad period of my life. It evokes a lot of emotions from back then and represents a cry of hope that I had to move forward and keep fighting to achieve my dreams."

Most profound insight you had since you started this career?

"Since I started my journey in music, I realized that there is not an easy path to take. Starting from scratch, with no connections, no help from third parties while seeing others achieve success much faster made me understand that this road was going to be hard. But, if I wanted to walk this path, I would need to play by their rules.  
The music industry is not pretty, nor is it fair. There is no such thing as merits, and no one is going to do anything for you unless you have something to offer in return. It has been a long and slow journey, but it has always been crystal clear to me that perseverance is the key to success. No matter how long it takes. Focus on your music, don't compare yourself to others and never surrender. "


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