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"My set includes some of my favorite tracks at the moment, as well as some of my own productions that were recently released on my own label Grey Bar Hotel & Obenmusik. I had a lot of fun recording it, and hope that you will enjoy it! Thanks for having me, it means a lot! :)"


Hey Michael! A warm welcome to our Introduction series. Besides being a producer and DJ, you also run your own label & events and work at one of the leading services for music distribution in the scene. Would you say being in touch with artists through your various activities has inspired / influenced your productions? If yes, in how far?

"Hey Malte, Bäggy & the whole DIT KLINGT JUT team, thanks for having me - it's an honour! :) Let me jump right into it: As you mentioned, besides making music myself & DJing from time to time, I am actually working with people from the music industry on a daily basis. This includes label owners & managers, artists, DJs, agents, as well as people working at the DJ stores / streaming platforms, among others. Because I am so involved with music & its industry on a daily basis, it´s probably not a big surprise that I´m also actually listening to music myself many hours per day. This circumstance definitely has good & positive influences on my productions & my production routine.. On one side, I draw a lot of inspiration from new sounds that I discover, but on the other side, since I'm listening to so much good music, I've also developed some sort of perfectionism over the past year that I sometimes can't quite satisfy, because I lack the skills of an experienced producer! By listening to so much good music every day, I set the expectations too high, and I´m often not 100% happy with the final result of my productions."

Do you have a morning routine?

"I usually drink coffee directly after getting up (I should probably change that). On some days I can convince myself to go for a run in the morning before, but usually only if the construction site in front of my balcony is louder than usual. Then I usually put on the famous album by Buena Vista Social Club on my vinyl player (literally every morning) and check my emails, as I´m most concentrated in the morning. My plan is to incorporate a short yoga session into my morning routine, but I haven't managed yet.. :)"

How would you describe your approach to social media as an artist?

"To be honest, I don't like being on social media, and I´m really bad at managing it. Luckily, for my label we found someone *amazing* who is helping us out & reminds us if there is content to be shared, but this is something I simply don't have the skillset / no feeling for. I had tried different strategies in the past, posting certain content in a specific way / schedule, but at some point I just forget about it or don't have the time to keep up."

Favorite release at the moment & of all times?

"Right now: "Camaleon" by Pablo Fierro
Of all times: "Cant" by Mall Grab"


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