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"Enjoy a recording of part of my set from DIT KLINGT JUT's CHROMA release party at Void Club in Berlin. It was a lot of fun behind the decks and I'm honored and grateful to have been part of it."


Hey Arthur, great to have you! When looking at your journey as an artist, what stands out is that you've been living and creating from various places all over the world. How would you say your travels have influenced your creative process?

From a creative perspective, traveling has shaped the way I perceive the world. The map of my world isn't just focused on one area, but it extends all over the world. I draw inspiration from my own experiences, and folk music and traditions from various cultures. There's great understanding to be had by seeing how different cultures all go about living the human experience in their own way. It's one thing to hear music from another culture at home in your headphones, but when you see how this music plays a part in their ceremonies and traditions, how they dance and respond to this music, how the music is created and played, it's a much more experiential understanding.

For example, if someone has never heard electronic music before, and they hear it for the first time on the radio, they may have a certain perception of the music only by listening. But if that person goes to a club or festival and sees how people react and dance to the music, their entire experience with this music changes. The same can be said for classical music, or salsa, or religious and spiritual music, or anything else. One example from my travels was the music of Bali. I'd heard Balinese music before, but after seeing their traditional dances, how kids are taught to play traditional instruments, and how music plays a role in their traditions, I had a much better understanding of what Balinese music entails, and a lot of that made its way into the music that I was creating at the time.

From a technical standpoint, it's all about packing light, which means keeping everything "in the box" with little reliance on external hardware. This ensures that I always have access to everything I need to work on my projects, no matter where in the world I am. These days, I won't buy any new hardware, unless it's absolutely necessary and also keeps a small profile. If I could sum it all up in a single word, it would be "minimalism."

Do you have a morning routine?

The cornerstone of my routine is the gym. I make my bed and make sure to drink lots of water and get some sunlight just after waking up. I spend about an hour or so at the gym each day. I have a long-ingrained habit of maxing out push-ups just before I take a shower too. I really prioritize taking care of my physical and mental health on a daily basis, which is an important part of my creative process as well.

What is your opinion on failure?

Failure is open to interpretation. For every failure, there's an opportunity for learning that's pure gold. When we learned how to ride a bike as kids, how many times did we fall down before we started to ride confidently? Or how many times does a child fall down as he takes his first steps? We learn through mistakes and failure, so it can be seen as an essential process of success. The important thing is not to lose sight of the grand vision, to learn and adapt along the way, and not to give up.

Most profound insight you had since you started this career?

Largely, it's coming to terms with uncertainty and being okay with the uncertainties of life. It's about embracing the great mysteries that none of us have the answers to. It's about trusting and enjoying the process. On a more pragmatic level, I've learned that accomplishing the goals you set out for yourself can certainly result in a deep sense of fulfillment, though not necessarily happiness. You really have to keep a balanced life and address all the different compartments that make up your lifestyle (like diet, mindset, exercise, relationships, and how you contribute to the world) to enjoy both of those qualities together.

How do you stay focused in a world of constant distraction?

This is a tough one because our attention has become so valuable these days. It's nearly impossible to escape constant stimulus. In the city, we're hit with traffic noise, billboards and advertisements everywhere, there's always something happening. On top of that, social media makes it ridiculously easy to access a bomb of distraction, which is always sitting on your phone in your pocket. It's really a conscious effort: making sure to get enough time in nature regularly; putting my phone away and on airplane mode when I want to have deep, focused work; meditating to keep my mind in a balanced state; and working out regularly, which reinforces discipline.

What would your 16-year-old self think about what you’re doing today?

If 16-year-old Arthur knew that he would one day work with some of the artists he was listening to while driving, I think his mind would be blown! I'm super grateful to have worked with some of my teenage idols back when I was first getting into electronic music.


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