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"I approached this mix as something I would like to listen to - whether it be while on a road trip, late night at the tail end of a party, or just something to get lost in … while also expressing the range of genres I’ve been playing lately. I like to build mixes like this one a little differently than I build a peak hour playlist for a club or festival. It’s a proper showcase of the wider range of sounds I enjoy outside of a nightclub."


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

"Honestly, everything. I think as both a musical and visual artist, there’s inspiration all around us. Nature, relationships, books, film, art, other people's music, sunsets, sunrises… if you’re paying attention, the pool of inspiration is infinite."

Can you elaborate a little on how your notion of rave & rave culture got influenced by DH over the years?

"DH has taught me the power of community, and how it stands as something much more than just the music or party… it's especially important in rave culture. 
There’s so many artists, producers, DJs in the scene now and a constant flow of content getting churned out and put in front of us relentlessly. I think the way to cut through that noise is to focus on the people and the community around the music, along with the art you’re creating. A lot of people ask me for advice on how to grow as an artist and I always answer with, “it all starts with the community you’re building.”

How do you stay focussed in a world of constant distraction?

"I need my down time. Normally that means disconnecting from electronics and screens. When I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I’ll go to the beach or camping to clear my mind and create new space for creativity. It’s easy to get lost in the overstimulating and demanding world of social media, the music industry, and all that comes along with it. As an artist I have to make time to disconnect in order to reconnect and stay focused."

What, for you, is the purpose of art?

"To me, it’s twofold: to make people feel something and to express ourselves. Whatever that something is, is unique to every individual… and the person making the art can have a completely different feeling than the person viewing or listening to that art. That’s what’s beautiful about it. Your creation takes on a life of its own; it evokes emotions and feelings that differ in each person’s experiences."

What do you want to express with your music?

"I always want it to be a journey - something to get lost in. I think there’s light in the darkness just as there's darkness in the light, and I like to explore the many corners of emotions that music can evoke."

In which ways could the scene improve in the future?

"Less focus on social media and “content” that isn’t art. More focus on creating art that will last and that is impactful. Easier said than done these days *haha*"

What can we expect from you in the near future?

"Lots of new music both from myself and from my label, Desert Hearts Black. I have 3 unreleased tracks in this mix with more on the way. Also a lot of cool things cooking for the DH community that I can’t speak on yet, but trust me - cool things are coming!"

How would you describe your approach to social media as an artist?

"My only goals on social media are to be genuine, vulnerable, spread positivity through art & music, and strengthen the community around myself and Desert Hearts. Lately I’ve been posting a lot about how the constant fight against the algorithm is exhausting, so instead of playing that game, I just focus on creating and hope that it brings joy to the people who follow me. Social Media can be toxic, so I make sure that I don’t get too lost in it, and instead just focus on creating."


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